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 Paul Graham - Contributor for NQ Fish and Boat


My first meeting with Larry Lockwood was under the canopy of the riparian forests that shroud the mighty Wenlock River, while readying for a canoeing angling adventure through a very remote part of the Australian wilderness. This larger than life guy with a passion for fishing, rod design and rod building suggested that I set off on this trip without my tried and proven rods. 


Picture this; you are about to embark upon the trip of a lifetime when this almost complete random says ‘trust me, use my rods – you won’t regret it. I was at the apex of indecision. I swallowed my pride and took a big gamble......... 


Since that day, it is a fait accompli – there is no hesitation, no gamble. His new creations have all been superb and eminently suited to their desired purpose. And for all those frugs out there – they are a great value for money, custom built rod.  


Recently, I happened upon a couple of my old rods from a past life. And, I do mean old rods. These geriatric pieces of fibreglass dated way back to my old whiting fishing days in the southeast corner of Queensland. One was over 40 years old; the other, well over thirty. 


These rods had been cast aside to die a lonely death and were in a sad state of decay. They were lucky indeed not to have made their final voyage to the dump a number of times. However, rather than part with these cherished memories from a bygone era, I called Larry and cajoled him into turning his talents to restoration, rather than creation. Well, to cut to the chase - to say I was totally blown away with his workmanship was an understatement. He had turned a sow’s ears into silk purses. It was a restoration that the National Trust would have been proud. 


The ultimate proof, however, is always in the testing (there is no point having a rod that looks like Barbie and performs like a sack of spuds)! Larry posted the rods to Brisbane where I had just completed a week chasing deer. It was an opportune time to unwind and reacquaint with the (not so) subtleties of fibreglass. We relaxed catching whiting, flathead and dart; what more could I ask for. They were ‘fit for purpose’, and had both style and substance. 


Yes, I did take a big gamble on the banks of the Wenlock. However, many years later, there is no gamble. Larry Lockwood’s custom rods and restoration rods are bloody good and value for money. 

Surely with a wardrobe full of rods it would be fair to assume that I would have an eloquent sufficiency. However, after recently using his latest creation, a 6’8” St Croix custom with an action to die for...... well just maybe, there is room in the cupboard for just one more rod. Mmmmm; I need another rod like Custer needed more Indians at the little Big Horn – but, what a way to go.


Anthony Gomes


I have known Larry Lockwood, from LJ Customn Rods, for well over 15 years and have been fishing with his custom  for the same period of time. From my very first #10 custom built fly rod over 15 years ago, I know that Larry had a particular talent with not only building a good rod, but also in knowing what to look for in regards to blanks and componants for each specific application and then matching this to the individual fly angler. Things such as guide size, blank dynamics, grip material and sizes were all part of the build with Larry. 

In the time I have been using the fly rods built be Larry, this attention to detail has continued and so has his commitment to ensuring that every rod he builds lives up to the reputation that he demands, but also just as importantly, does exactly what the customer wants.

Living and fishing in Arnhemland has its particularities and I wanted a fly rod built specifically for fishing from a boat. The main use would be in the estuaries chasing barramundi, mangrove jack and threadfin slamon. I wanted a fly rod that was 6'6" long that could still cast a fly and handle the fish. larry certainly came through with the goods and these rods have gone on to not only catch their intended species, but to also add species such as giant trevally, golden snapper and longtail tuna to the list.

As far as I am concerned, if you want a custom built flyrod, then look no further than LJ Custom Rods. Larry builds each rod like he was building it for himself.

Note: Anthony Gomes has been involved in the fishing and baoting industry for a number of years in a variety of roles. From editing publications such as Go Fishing, NQ Fish and Boat and the Cape Yorker magazine, to writing for magazines both local and national scale. He lived in some of the most remote places in australia from Cape York through to Arnhemland and experienced some of the best fly fishing that this country has to offer. By choice, he uses fly rods custom built by LJ Custom Rods.


Custom Build United Composites USA UC66XH

for Nick Tom (Townsville)


 Nick Tom's Custom 6-8kg United Composites USA Barra Rod


G'day Larry,
The rod arrived today and looks fantastic. Thank you very much for your efforts and i'll be sure to pass on the good word to other anglers.
Job well done mate!